1 July 2005

Open days are great

After my day off on wednesday I returned yesterday and was told we were having an open day. It would have been a total surprise had my wife not pointed out the AA signs on the way in to work.

So I spent the morning creating & printing signs to direct people towards the labs (using publisher) and supporting the staff by enabling the open day user account in active directory and starting up the sip server (which I set up during last semester)for a VOIP demo in the network lab.

In the afternoon I spent some time trying out the Ubuntu linux live CD and noticed a program called gnome-meeting (similar to net-meeting). I thought this might be useful for the VOIP demos/modules so I experimented with it until I got it working and then I mentioned it to Jonathan and Michael.

I also came across a strange problem with XP's firewall in SP2 yesterday. Some spyware appeared to cripple it even after the spyware was removed. Every time I tried to start up the firewall in security centre it would crash with a 10047 error and prompt me to start the firewall service manually from control panel. This also failed to fix it. I found an article on google explaining that the spyware had added a layer service and although MS-antispy had removed the spyware it doesn't fix the service issue. The fix is fairly simple though. From a dos prompt, type in 'netsh winsock reset' and the service can be restarted.