18 October 2005

Not Again McAfee

It's been a while since I posted anything. Now the main part of the Hera evaluation is over (for me) I can concentrate on quality rather than quantity. I consider todays fix to be important enough to post a blog entry.

It started yesterday when a VB.Net lecturer showed me a program which worked on some machines but not others. A simple program, just to show a messagebox on the screen. However on some machines the text was not displaying inside the messagebox. I re-installed visual studio (twice) but still no joy. I looked into the program (a simple hello world). By adding a few extra bits, I could get a title to display on the messagebox, but still no text inside it or on any of the buttons.

It was by chance that I went back to googling it and found this post by Peter Jausovec.

Thanks Peter, you are a star. It turns out that McAfee 8i has buffer overflow protection turned on by default. Turn this off and all the problems vanish into obscurity. Now if only we can persuade the powers that be to do the same with McAfee.