10 November 2006

Gmail - Gone mail?

Ever remember seeing something online or in the shops, taken a small interest in it but then when you decide you want one you discover they're all sold out and nobody stocks them anymore?

Such is my current situation. I'm looking for an email solution which is always online, can forward selective messages to different email accounts based on words found in the content.

The easy solution is to leave a machine running with outlook or outlook express. By building junk mail rules, certain messages can be sent on to other accounts. The problem with that is inefficiency since it means leaving a computer switched on all the time (at extra cost both to me and also the planet).

I was quite happy to learn that Gmail supposedly has this ability built-in. The only problem is that it doesn't seem to be possible to sign-up for a Gmail account. Come back Gmail!!!! we don't mind the privacy invasion if it does the job (at least I don't, but then I have nothing to hide).