18 June 2010

Annual Versioning System - AVS

Here's my thoughts on why development of an AVS would be a good idea for all software producers. At the moment there are millions of packages out there and it's going to be a real pain for anyone in the future to demonstrate a set-up from the past. Why? Well windows is now Windows 7, yet Windows media player is on version 11. Then every few years producers go off and create something new which we all suspect is just to raise more money. In 20 years time if we need to emulate a PC system from today, how will we get the versions right?
I propose the AVS system. A product version will be versioned by the date it was released. So a new product released today would be V10.6 (as in 2010.6th month). This could be extended to specific days e.g. v10.6.18. It may sound weird to start something at version 10 but the benefits should be obvious.