22 October 2014

Code School: Your report in three words - Must Try Harder

I'm currently attempting to learn AngularJS so discovering a free course on the Code School site seemed like a good starting point. Unfortunately I was wrong on this. Let me explain (rant warning)

The videos are very good, maybe a little fast paced as you don't really get chance to code along to them unless you keep freezing the video. Sadly this is how I recommend using the site so you can visit the suggested URL's and set up your own test environment free from the clunky VLE they propel you into once the video ends

At this point you see, you are launched into possibly the worst text editor I've ever used. I was also not convinced that I needed to call my module 'gemStore' rather than 'gemstore'. I tried it in my own test environment and now I know I was right but my on-line teacher insisted I used the same case-sensitivity they used before it would give me the green tick needed to proceed.

I reached the point where I was so frustrated that I opted for the solution just to copy & paste their answer back into the system. Even this failed to work for me and my third tick was denied again and again. Now I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out the solution is to use Chrome rather than Firefox but even then if my code works in the real world but is not acceptable in the teaching tool then it would seem that the tool needs more work - after all isn't working code the desired end-product?.

Despite these initial setbacks I am compelled to continue my work with angular but I think I will ignore the achievement badges on offer (/denied) from Code School. It reminds me too much of Edmond Blackadder trying to come up with a suitable definition for aardvark after burning the first ever dictionary. I suspect it will be a long time before these tools are capable of understanding people or become capable of testing alternative solutions to see if they produce the same result.