25 October 2016

Oblogs may be abandoned soon (info post)

If you've found something of value in this blog then I'm happy to have helped you. It is the secondary purpose of why I created it, with the primary being to remind me of some of the technical tasks I've been faced with and a way to document my solutions. I am blown away by the fact that over 6,600 of you have viewed my post about HTTP posting using App Inventor. Unfortunately I am now facing (yet another) restructure at work and if I am forced to leave the education sector, I will have more pressing concerns (and possibly a few less technical requests to deal with).

Ironically I might end up with more time on my hands so the direction of the blog could change if I continue with it. If so I will probably focus a lot more on Linux (certainly Raspbian), Python and possibly C++ (which I've always wanted to learn but never really had the time). I am thankful to the people I work for who have taken me away from operations and technical fixes to some extent and pushed me towards front-end web development over the last two years. I now have a pretty good understanding of Javascript, restful API's and json.

I am also quite excited about having time to go back over a project which was abandoned that I thought was a little bit special. I will be looking over my prototype backups and starting again with a total rewrite of my original idea. Free time and freedom to release it as an open source project will allow me to focus my efforts on the parts which I know can be improved. I might also be able to use any new skills I develop to create the tools which don't currently exist which we needed to support the project and are ultimately the reason why it was dropped prematurely. Next year could be a very exciting time and despite the chaotic rush of all around me trying to figure out where they fit into the latest rehash of our technical structure, I'm quite optimistic about my future prospects which is definitely a good thing for someone who is normally quite pessimistic and may have been held back in the past for playing devils advocate once too often. It's a shame #Techxit has already been used as it's quite appropriate to my workplace right now.

To infinity, and beyond...